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Camp Kokua History


Camp Kokua is the brainchild of Zane and Deb Graham of South Lake Tahoe. As members of the American Jujitsu Institute and owners of Koshoryu Kenpon of South Lake Tahoe, the Grahams vision of bringing together master of various martial arts in a sharing of knowledge, became a reality in 1992 when the first event was hosted in South Lake Tahoe. Since then, the event has flourished at various locations.


Camp Kokua 1995 Photo


1993-Lake Tahoe, Ca.
1995-Lake Tahoe, Ca.
1997-Lake Topaz, Nv.
1999-Creswell, Oregon
2002-Lake Tahoe, Ca,
2004-Waianae, Hawaii
2006-Lake Tahoe, Ca.
2008-Buena Park, Ca.
2011-Carson City, Nv.
2013-Anchorage, Alaska!
2015-Reno, Nevada
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